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Cheating is an impediment to achieving these objectives. Factors that add to cheating include pressure for grades, not sufficient time to finish all the required homework, students taking benefit of teachers who do not monitor their classes strictly, unrealistic parent hope, and inefficient study skills. None of these grounds makes cheating suitable. In any of its forms, for whatever reason, cheating negates the value of education.  Until teaching staff endeavor to put the significance of learning above the consequence of grades and to convince students that their best efforts are all that anybody should expect there can be no abatement in cheating.

Adolescents who recognize that schools and classroom teachers describe achievement mainly in terms of grades and performance are more probable to cheat and consider that cheating is acceptable. When students think they will receive an added advantage for doing well in class, such as getting out of homework or other assignments, they will be more apt to cheat. Learning environments that stress competition and grades may origin some students to see cheating as a means of endurance, according to the authors. Changing the school and classroom environment to focus less on testing, grades, and aptitude may lead to lower levels of cheating, for students may have less of a motivation to cheat if schools ease emphasis on competition.

Since cheating is calculatedly violating the rules of an activity in order to get its built-in goal, a person who cheats normally will try to hide his or her cheating from others. Most people contributing to an activity will not permit a cheater to gain the built-in goal of that activity when he or she has not stood by its rules. This clarifies why cheating almost always involves dishonesty.

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