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The article by Majaj (1999) adds another aspect to the research which is regarding the identity crisis faced by the Arabic speakers in the US. There are a number of aspects of the Arab immigration to the US evaluated by the author and all the evaluation leads towards a conclusion.

According to the author, the US does not have a specific culture of its own therefore over a period of time the US has developed a liberal environment which does not have a specified ethnicity. However, the Arabic speakers belong to a strong culture which is shaped by their religion. After immigration to the US, the Arabic speakers face a challenge because they are unable to practice their religious practices with such freedom as they were in their own countries. This scenario leads to an identity crisis and in order to survive in this new environment, the Arabic speakers are compelled to let go of certain religious practices as well. In order to integrate in the American system, the Arabic speakers make a number of sacrifices which include setting aside their culture From the perspective of the research question under consideration, it can be inferred that Arabic speakers should be given enough resources so that they may be able to practice their culture and religious practices freely. If they are of the view that their beliefs and culture are respected, they will be more committed and motivated to work with the US military.

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