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Abstract: the internet has a lot of information to offer to individuals however some of it may be inappropriate and enough to cause concern among parents.

The internet makes vast amounts of information available to everyone. A click of a mouse can give you access to over a 100 million sites, a number that is growing every day. These sites include information on education and recreation and when they are linked to other sites, they create a web known as the World Wide Web. There are no regulations that control the internet and the WWW (Carnegie Library 1). The WWW is accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. People from all over the world are linked to this network. The WWW is a small world in itself. However, there are some unfortunate issues that are raising concerns for the users of the WWW, particularly for children. Child pornography is just one of the inappropriate content that is available on the internet to minors. This material has harmful effects on young minds.

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