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He is trying to run away from the fact that he life is in a mess by comforting himself with childhood ambitions.  He nevertheless acknowledges the fact that his ideas are crazy but he has no alternative. Holden decides to telephone Mr. Antolini, his former teacher in English who invites him to his house. As his former teacher is counseling him, he falls asleep on the couch only to wake up and find Antolini patting his forehead a gesture he considers homosexual alienated. This makes him to excuse in a hurry and leave.

Holden to look for his sister to tell her that he is going from home forever. When they meet at the museum, her sister is carrying clothes in a briefcase and she pleads with him to leave together. She cannot hold back her tears after he denies the proposal angrily, and she stops speaking to him. He moves to zoo clearly knowing that she is following him and takes her to the carousel. He gets her a ticket to ride the carousal, something that makes him as happy as he watches her that he almost sheds tears although it is raining heavily. (ibid 209)

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