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In order to unearth the truth, one needs to unwrap and reveal the core reality draped in several layers of these beliefs. The individual needs to view himself, and the world, from a different vantage point in order to grow and advance. According to the Toltec school of thought, belief systems are referred to as inventory. These levels of redundant inventory need to be eliminated in order to transgress the borders of unadulterated knowledge and reality. Such a vision that is isolated from external influences and infantile in its approach is akin to that of a child, which the Buddhists refer to as The Beginner’s Mind.

Issues like racial prejudice and discrimination are the byproducts of such archaic belief systems that have been passed on to generations in the form of intellectual heirloom. If a person perceives a particular race of people to be lowly and disreputable, they will discover beliefs that will validate this point of view. The author wishes that people would liberate themselves from these disoriented, primitive beliefs that are caking reality with baseless fear and illogical mistrust.

According to the author, language and symbolism play an integral role in determining how we perceive things. He has rendered many concepts that have been tackled by several authors in the past; however, his refreshing style of narration makes the prose an engaging read.

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