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The paper till now had outlined the historical developments in relation to Islam and the remaining would seek to address the basic Muslim identity-what it means to be a Muslim in the present times where there is a conflict between the traditionalists and the liberals who both are staunch supporters of their own religious views and perspectives. It would have to be seen that exactly what are the repercussions of being a liberal or sticking to the more modern aspect of Islam in the present times; as turbulent as they are.

If one was to witnessed the aftermath of the 9/11 incident, than what would come across is the fact that religious thought and ideology is influenced by ideology inspired by domestic circumstances and largely from the sort of educational background provided to the person. Those who  were convicted of the 9/11 activities, had Arabian roots which makes one question such an educational system where religious totalitarian is bred and in fact, which paves the way for future violent actions by those abide by this ideology.(Patel,2003)

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