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The purpose of conducting this research was to explore gain an insight into the possibilities that could be made possible through the use of Artificial Intelligence in Human-Computer Interfaces. The specific focus of this research was on finding out the answer to the question, if the use of Artificial Intelligence in Human-Computer Interface on devices and software would be able to bridge the divide of access to the technology (the Digital Divide). This research explored the concepts that form the field of Human-Computer Interface studies as well as Artificial Intelligence, in great details. It also explored the possibility of super intelligence and whether it can be used in the Interfacing between humans and computers in an attempt to bridge the digital divide. In the end, this research explored the possibility of the existance of humans and machines in a single structure and explores various concepts used and point of views that have been presented on this matter.

The research for this paper began by providing a background to the problem at hand, in the light of which the research was being carried out. It also highlighted the actual problem itself as well as the research question that were needed to be asked in order to seek solution to the problem. Furthermore, it also signified the importance of the research in terms of personal and industry contributions, as well as the design of the research and its methodology that was used to carry the research. It is important to note here that only secondary sources were used to write this research paper. The introductory part finishes by provided a description of how the research was organized for this paper.

The paper then moved on to its very important part, which is the review of literature on the given topic. The literature review begins with an introduction, which highlights current state of the digital divide as well as the reason for which the digital divide occur. It also presented the result of a survey that was conducted by Pew Internet and American Life Project, for finding out the causes as well as the state of digital divide in America. The review then moved on to highlighting the significance of bringing people online, by quoting an example of Demmers and O’Neil. It then provided an introduction to Human-Computer Interfacing covering topics such as its core problem as well as the goals.  It they considered the improvements made in HCI interfacing devices, from the time the computer was invented till the future concepts of today. An important part of the literature review looks at the importance of the interface through which computers and humans communicate. In this regard, the example of XO-1 laptop from One-Laptop-Per-Child organization has been used in order to signify the importance of matching the design of the interface with the needs of it user.

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