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Humans have an inbuilt requirement to have to connect with everyone else on a global scale. Our history very clearly states that as a civilization, we have placed extreme importance on sending out and receiving information in order to feel connected with the world around us and to be kept informed as to what is happening around the world.

It all began first with sending messages and news to others via conversations. Next was Gutenberg and the invention of the printing press which helped people remain in touch with one another. As time progresses, people in the United States began to view journalism with a different perspective. At the start, the people of America were provided with Party Presses which were funded and which wrote only about political candidates who were wealthy and rich at the time. Then was Benjamin Day who was the creator of Penny Paper which started off in 1833. This changed the way in which news was to be circulated starting from the rich and wealthy of society who were interested in politics to the general people and the common man who was provided with stories to read which they actually cared about and were interested in (Stephens).

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