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As Moreno (2005) noted, only one budget line item in the government’s 2004 proposed appropriation for education and vocational training targeted secondary education development with the commitment of funds to “upgrading of Science and Laboratory equipment for High schools” (p. 382). This, despite the fact that “secondary education has a direct impact on both primary and tertiary education” (p.382) since it is a necessary step in preparation for a college or university program, there is a need also to provide an “incentive” for primary students to work hard and continue to achieve in their schooling.

The secondary school enrollment numbers reflect this imbalance. In 2002, “when 4.3 million students were enrolled in grades 1-12 in Afghanistan, 91% of these children were in the primary grades” (Moreno, 2005, p. 384). The rates of secondary school attendance were between 5% and 11% for boys, while for girls they ranged only between 1% and 2%. In order for Afghanistan’s schools of higher education to continue to be operational, it is clear that greater attention and resources eventually will have to be committed to the development of secondary school programming and enabling students to matriculate from the primary grades to the completion until grade 12.

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