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A great society was the 36th president of America’s-Lyndon B. Johnson- catchphrase for his America’s dream: a society deprived of poverty, diseases, and social prejudices. LBJ manipulated national reforms that saw some practical changes.

Economic opportunity Act of 1964 led to the formation of the office of economic opportunity that acted as a driving force of war on poverty agendas. His popularity made congress to approve Medicare and Medicaid. The former saw Americans over the age of 65 get medical covers while the latter facilitated federal funding to states to provide health coverage for the underprivileged. Apart from these, LBJ also pressured the passing of the civil rights act of 1964 that aided the ending of racial discrimination. The predicaments in Vietnam however grabbed LBJ’s popularity- slackening his domestic programmes- after they deprived the country of valuable resources (Axelrod & Phillips 303).

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