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When a new employee is hired he is full of potential, full of assurance, and thrilled to take on new challenges. If the organization doesn’t have a specific training program in place, it can be easy for that promising employee to get thrown to the sharks in the sink-or-swim business of rental. They might swim, but they may also sink and run the other way, causing the organization to begin the hiring process all over again. There is no cookie cutter approach to training that works for everyone. Different organizations may find that various training options work best for their needs. All people learn in a different way: a few learn by doing, some grasp ideas better through reading, and some absorb more when in a classroom setting. The best training results seem to be repeating and reinforcing the message in diverse formats. Although no single approach works for everyone, one thing is for sure: Throwing a new employee to the sharks is not an option. Starting a job can be overwhelming, with different managers and co-workers to get to know, extensive management procedures, and intimidating new computer software. When a new employee inexperienced walks in the door for his or her first day on the job he might feel intimidated. (Abbey A, Dickson JW.)

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