This essay examines how emotional intelligence is better than IQ.

1,400 Words (Approx. 5.6 pages), 4 Sources, APA, 2005.


This essay defines emotional intelligence and IQ and analyzes both with the support of few examples to determine which one is better to be successful in life. The author of the essay describes the importance of emotional intelligence as well as IQ and what role, they both play in their respective contexts.

From the Essay

Emotional intelligence is defined as one’s ability to manage, recognize and use emotions in a constructive way. It also refers to recognize the emotional state of others around. Intelligence quotient or IQ, on the other hand, refers to one’s ability to comprehend and navigate the world (Segal, 2004). According to research findings and observations, both aspects of intelligence play a major role to have a successful life. However, with the increasing needs and demands of the workplace and other aspects of life having high emotional intelligence…….

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