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In heterosexual relationships, most mistreatment takes place on women by their male partners.  Emotional abuse, like physical abuse, is used to control, humiliate, harm, or punish a woman. While the forms of abuse may vary, the result is the same a woman is afraid of her partner and changes her behavior to please him or be sheltered from damage. Many people think that emotional abuse is not as severe or harmful as physical abuse.  Usually, women state that this is not true and that the major problem they often face is getting others to take emotional abuse seriously. Emotion is defined as a sentimental state of consciousness in which pleasure, mourning, dread, hatred, or the like, is experienced. When game playing, verbal abuse, physical abuse, outbursts of fury, or other methods of power and control pressure one’s emotions, the result is emotional abuse.  Because power and control strategy takes many different forms, happen during many diverse types of incidents, occur frequently.

Dr. Terri Arnold has pointed out that emotional abuse occurs in different forms and is characterized by:

  • Isolation:  The man will strongly discourage contact with friends and family.  He will insist upon a move to an area far from these people, possibly rural or remote if they are city dwellers.
  • Limiting involvement with others:  He will deny the woman access to a car, not allow her to go to school.  If she is employed, he will harass her on the telephone or turn up at her workplace and cause trouble so that she loses her job.
  • Control of finances:  He will take her money, give her an allowance or make her ask for money.  She will have to account for all her expenditures and will have no knowledge of the family finances.
  • Putting her down:  The man will call her names, ridicule her, imitate her, tell her she is ‘stupid’,  yell at her, downplay her accomplishments, degrade her dignity and self-worth, make her feel useless and inferior.
  • Playing mind games:  He will deny the abuse ever happened, say ‘she caused it’, or make light of the abuse telling her ‘she has no sense of humor’.
  • Using the children:  He will threaten to take the children away from her.

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