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Since the inception of the Internet, things have changed and it would not be wrong to say that people have changed; they have become geared to become quicker and efficient. This revolution is called the digital revolution. Moreover, many people are more contented with a speed of change that is gradual rather than instantaneous, the reality today is special. Internet worked tools, of which the Internet is the most freely visible form, are turning the world overturned as they realize their place in societies around the world. More and more, as networks take a grip, they are reforming the way people live, communicate, and work. These same hi-tech changes that are altering the business world.

As a new breed of consumers has emerged, the consumers of the digital age the whole marketing scenario for future planning is evolving and developing as managers try to keep up with the rapid changes. This paper looks at the emergence of Digital Consumers in the age of Cybercentrism.

Digital Consumers

According to the Internet Domain Survey conducted in January 2000 over 72 million people are regular “Internet Users” so it is safe to say that the Internet has taken the world by storm, keeping in mind in January 1994 there were only 2 million regular Internet users, even the most hesitating of skeptics would have to admit that the Internet appears to be here to stay.

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