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Global warming started many years ago and has recently become worse. Global warming refers to the Earth’s temperature rising which has a negative effect on the Earth and its atmosphere. The major reason for global warming is the increase of greenhouse gases present in the Earth’s atmosphere. There is nothing which humans can do to stop global warming, it can be prevented but not stopped altogether. Global warming has certain effects on the Earth and its atmosphere which are described in this essay. The effects have been mentioned starting from the least severe.

With many of the northern countries becoming warm, the spread of diseases is likely to occur. Insects carrying diseases tend to migrate north which brings about a large number of diseases. As the temperatures on Earth rise, the temperature of the oceans and seas is likely to increase. This will result in stronger and more powerful hurricanes and storms.

As temperatures rise, the probability of droughts and heat waves is likely to increase. Some areas will certainly become wet than before, others will experience bad climate in the form of heat waves and severe periods of drought. Europe and Africa have been speculated to suffer the most due to global warming. Everything has an economic consequence and..

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