Effectiveness of Chiropractic Health services Vs. Medical Healthcare

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I. Background

The word “chiropractic” emerged from the Greek meaning “done by hand”. The practice of chiropractic sprang up in 1895 in an era in which contemporary medicine was very much a fledgling and scores of alternative healing practices were being advanced and encourage. Chiropractic was formalized by a Canadian, David D. Palmer, from Port Perry, Ontario who was by training a “magnetic healer” and living in Davenport, Iowa at the time.

The first 4 decades of history are checkered with flamboyancy, a messianic-like zeal, struggle with mainstream medicine, and strong controversies. Several of the earlier practitioners who spent time in jail accused of practicing medicine without a license when in reality their only crime was spinal adjustments administered to willing and keen patients.

Chiropractic experienced its first explosion of growth with the returning veterans of World War II as governments in both Canada and the US buoyant and paid for education in all of the professions and trades. For the next 30 years, although struggling with the ghosts of past excesses, the profession was composing a good solid basis and foundation for the future. Such foundations were legal gratitude from virtually all governments in North America, educational standards, and licensing examinations parallel to medicine, and the significant beginnings of serious research, textbook, and scientific journals.

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