Discussion Questions

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How do you determine the validity of researchers’ interpretations? (1 Paragraph)

The validity of a researcher interpretations is based on the following of correct research procedures as has been outlined in this course. The analysis and formulation of the research question must be based on a thorough understanding of the context of the question. The literature review should be comprehensive and exhaustive in its analysis of research studies that may shed light on the research question.  The methodology chosen to study a research question should be appropriate for the question, for example, a case study is well suited for the analysis of management issues. If an instrument is selected or designed for the study, it A instrument is valid only to the extent that it scores permit appropriate inferences to be made about 1) a specific group of people for 2) specific purposes. An instrument that is a valid measure of third grader’s math skills probably is not a valid measure of high school calculus student’s math skills. An instrument that is a valid predictor of how well students might do in school may not be a valid measure of how well they will do once they complete school.

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