Kuwait is one of the richest countries in the Gulf of Arabia. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Kuwait is one of the world’s largest exporters of oil and consists of eight percent of the world’s oil reserves. Kuwait consists of only one state University namely Kuwait University. Even though Kuwait is a small country but most of the students studying in Kuwait travel abroad, mainly in the west to acquire higher education. The people in Kuwait have the means and resources to afford the tuition fees charged by the western higher education institutes. They opt for higher education in the west because of the benefits these Universities and institute provide and high-quality education to be able to compete effectively and efficiently in the global marketplace.

Among the western countries, UK remains the most popular choice among most of the Kuwaiti students. Although these students can acquire quality education in Canada, USA, and Australia most of the Kuwaiti students opt for the UK for various reasons. Since Kuwaiti students opt for O and A levels of the British education system it makes them much easier for them to pursue higher education in the UK. Other reasons for acquiring higher education in the UK is because it is geographically much closer to Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries than the USA, Canada or Australia. The higher education system of the UK provides Kuwaiti students a vast number of opportunities and diverse options to choose a particular academic discipline. Moreover, The UK provides shorter length higher learning courses than the United States, Canada or Australia which save ample time for Kuwaiti students to pursue a professional career after the completion of a particular academic discipline.

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