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People often wonder as to which type of people use the most amount of drugs in the world. The answer to this would be the African Americans. This is one particular race which makes use of various types of drugs. They are said to have the highest percentage of drug use with the second highest race consuming drugs would be the White people in America. The state of California is said to have the worst drug problem in the whole of America.

As far as whether males or females make use of drugs more frequently, it is men who use drugs more. This is because they are more prone to being unable to handle the effects of stress and hence use drugs as a way to detach themselves from the daily struggles of life. It is also unmarried people especially who resort to the use of drugs compared to married people who use drugs less frequently.

Recently, kids have also started to make use of drugs. This is because they are unable to handle the pressures of school, it may be because their friends are doing it and they resort to it due to peer pressure. Another reason could be that these kids see their parents making use of drugs and try it out themselves. It is the duty of parents to keep.

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