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Double Helix was written by James Watson in 1968, almost fifteen years after of discovery and six years after getting the Nobel Prize.  It is an account of how he and Francis Crick cracked the structure of DNA. It is a systematic chronicle distinctive in style and effect. The Double Helix summarizes some of the important proceedings as well as the ordinary routine that surrounded James Watson and Francis Crick’s finding of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) configuration. The story is sketched from the fall of 1951 when Watson reached at the Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge University as an American postdoctoral researcher and ends with the submission of the significant journal article in April of 1953.

Watson at first joins a team which is examining the three-dimensional construction of proteins, and then gradually he and Crick start analyzing DNA structure. Watson and Crick share magnetism to DNA, and when they join up together they make a perfect team. At the same time Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin, both British, and American Linus Pauling are separately exploring DNA structure at Oxford and, by the end, when Watson and Crick are together, it becomes a challenge to see who will put the puzzle pieces together to shape the correct picture. This race is representative of the kind of intellectual competition that existed and still exists between Oxford and Cambridge

Each team is aware that there are four different types of nucleotides; in addition, it is also known that there are bases, sugars, and phosphates in the nucleotides; information on x-ray crystallographic is already available and a helix arrangement is assumed.  The scientist’s employee different kinds of scientific methods,  as they work they desire information on different things work hard to get them, create and propose different models but sometimes end up rejecting them.

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