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Violence is certainly not something which is a new phenomenon. For many years, humans have committed violence and violent acts toward one another. There are many various types of violence which exist in today’s time. Many people deal with all these types of violent acts which may be a part of their daily lives. Some of the types of violence which people may experience are: abuse towards children, abuse between husband and wife, forms of domestic violence, elderly violence, sexual harassment which has become quite common over the years, violence amongst teenagers, misconduct in the workplace and murder; all of these can be seen as various types of violent acts which people have to face daily. It is innate that a person would want to commit violent acts. Domestic violence is something which exists between people who may be dating, between married couples and couples who may be divorced or separated. It may even occur amongst homosexual households. It does not matter what religious, social or ethnic group a person belongs to; he/she is likely to experience some form of domestic violence.

Between the ages of 15-44, domestic violence is seen as the leading reason by which women get hurt in America. The rate of injury from domestic violence is greater than compared to rapes, car accidents and even robberies (Gelles).

Many people put forward the question of what exactly is domestic violence. It is a way…

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