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Computer Science is a field for software creators. Computer science graduates extend the technology linked with computers and help generate new applications, and work to describe and solve problems that lead to more computer innovation. Computer Science deals with understanding, programming, algorithms, and finally, inventing new ones. Programming skill is central to this mission, but much more is necessary. Practitioners need a background in hardware, computer science theory, data communications, and operating systems. They also need to comprehend the process used to build, extend, and maintain software as well as general design principles. Computer Science offers students a chance to gain this foundation, as well as a limited chance to explore varied areas of further specialization, from artificial intelligence to more compound applications of computer science theory to the more practical world of networks and distributed systems. A solid foundation in mathematics, and liberal arts, as well as a momentous opportunity to take outside electives, complement this strong technical hub.

If Computer Science deals with envisioning new technology, Information Technology deals more with applications of presented technology. An Information Technology major becomes a supporter by providing skill and experience with a diversity of new computer technology. Students who seek to become network administrators, multimedia or web specialists or experts in database applications should consider Information Technology. An IT major helps persons, organizations, or entire companies develop computer-based solutions to a wide array of problems.

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