Distance learning is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people enroll and experience the whole new world of distance learning. Anyone who thinks that distance learning is a piece of cake as it does not require an individual to attend classes physically is making a big mistake. Online distance colleges are as tough as the physical colleges. They have the same routine of academic activities related to conducting exams, quizzes and writing essays, term papers and research papers writing assignments. In fact, online colleges do not provide additional help in terms of the inability to keep up with the ongoing lectures. You have to be completely on your own. You do not have the luxury to seek help from fellow students as you may have in physical colleges. In addition, studying from the comfort of your homes and having to discipline yourself consistently makes it even more difficult. You become more prone to procrastination in terms of keeping up with specific courses.

There are a number of benefits of online distance learning courses as well such as you do not have to physically travel to the place, city or country to attend the courses which are a big positive. You do not have to worry about the expenses of traveling to a different city or state. All you need is a personal computer or a laptop with a reliable internet connection to attend online distance learning colleges.

The future of academic studies may lie in distance learning colleges with the benefits it offers to many students worldwide but to think that distance learning is easier than physical learning is a folly as both are equally demanding and strenuous.

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