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A key feature of terrorism is that it is aimed at a wider audience or target than the direct victims. The perception of terrorism used in the contemporary academic literature is basically political.  It is right that militant religious fundamentalists have often throughout history waged holy terror as part of a holy war, and there is much apprehension about the rise of contemporary fanatical Islamic fundamentalists groups such as Hizbollah, Hamas, and Al-Gama’a Al Islamiyya and Al-Qaeda. But the major rationale why moderate Muslim leaders and secular movements see these particular fundamentalist groups as such a threat is exactly because their revolutionary Islamic agenda intention not merely at the purifying of religious practice but at the get rid of existing governments and their substitution by fundamentalist religious governments. Hence these movements are intrinsically religious and political. In the same vain criminal gangs, such and the Italian Mafia (Jamieson 25) and the Latin American drug smugglers(Clutterbuck 89) have adopted some of the tactics and weapons of terrorist groups, does have grave problems for the relevant law-enforcement authorities. But it does not detract from the value of the central idea of political terrorism. in truth the overwhelming majority of perpetrators of modern terrorism use the weapon to influence political behavior.

The pattern of terrorism has plagued almost the entire world. Terrorism is not a new phenomenon, but its current appearances bring to light its form, scope, and technique quite diverse from historical patterns. It is a negative term. Terrorism always seems to reflect a symptom of more significant objectives rather than present the case for groundless and unlimited violence. It is no longer a complexity of specific countries but a question involving a number of international aspects. It is a great threat to human security; therefore there is need to explore different perspectives and insight of terrorism.

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