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Among the many consequences of 9/11 is a sensitive awareness of the need for individual estate and financial planning. The tragic events of that day brought t light both the volatility of life and the realization that many, possibly most, people are woefully unprepared for a sudden disaster and the effects it can have on their families. While the chances of being involved in a terrorist event are remote, planners point out that earthquakes, fires, floods and other natural disasters can also have a major blow. And while it is impossible to foresee everything that could happen, thoughtful planners now agree on the significance of creating an “individual disaster plan” to offer for surviving family members.

Basically, new approaches to natural disaster reduction are called for to address these challenges. Attention must shift from reaction to anticipation on the origin of long-range risk assessment and comprehensive, coordinated community-wide preparation and action. After the fact retrofits must give way to societal planning and ways of doing business that builds pliability to natural hazards from the beginning and from the ground up. I have tried to formulate my disaster by dividing my actions into different lines.

Basic Precautions

  • Determine where I should keep MY essential documents and be sure other family members know where to find them. Make copies.
  • Provide for backup communication in case family members are separated by a disaster. This might include additional cell phones, multiple e-mail accounts or agreed-upon meeting locations.
  • Prepare flexible variations of the typical Durable Powers of Attorney that deal with the possibility that the usual means of proving death may not be possible.
  • Coordinate planning documents to confirm clarity of who has the power to do what. Be sure that there is no conflict or ambiguity between multiple documents that may be activated simultaneously.

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