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Our brain is extremely multifarious organ, and due to this reason, it has become a major challenge for those working in pharmaceutical companies for the drug development practice. (Dragunow, 2008) Up till today, none of the above mentioned treatments have proved to be completely neuro-protective for humans, besides tissue plasminogen activator, that works as a thrombolytic agent and does not affect neurons straightaway.

Hospitals and inpatient care has long been a central feature of the U.S. health care services industry. (Lau, 2007) With the development of antibiotics and improved surgical techniques and anesthesia in the mid-20th century, the hospital became the hub for the practice of medicine, earning its designation as “the physician’s workshop.” (Huse, 2009) Hospital care accounted for $412.1 billion, or 32% of NHE, in 2000, representing the largest category of health care spending. (Ellis, 2007)

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