Difference Between ITM graduates and General Management Graduates: Essay

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ITM majors point toward a career in the development and management of information systems that maintain business functions. Equally significant to ITM majors are computer technology, programming languages and tools on the one hand and an overall view of how modern business functions on the other hand. What drive an ITM major, as opposed to an IT major, is the business viewpoint and how the development and use of computer-based systems can augment business functionality.

General management, on the other hand is a rather comprehensive term that is used in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, management is the method of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling an organization’s human, financial, physical, and information resources to attain organizational goals in an proficient manner. A manager is someone who eventually is responsible for achieving results through the specific efforts of other people, whether management graduates are employed as management trainees, personnel managers, planners, operations managers, business managers, and owners/managers of small business firms individually, in groups, or in organizations.

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