All of us, at some time of our academic careers come across writing. However, at times we fail to recognize as what mode of writing we are pursuing. There are two types of writing modes. One is for formal purposes especially when writing academic papers such as term papers, essays and research papers and even business letters and memorandums. The other mode of writing is informal where we can use slang and contracted words. It can be used when emailing friends or family members or chatting on the internet. The purpose of this article is to provide some useful information by demonstrating how formal and informal writing modes are different from each other. Read below to learn more about the discussion.

Informal Writing Use Contractions

When it comes to informal writing we can use contractions. For instance, I can’t go there it is a very messy place, we shouldn’t have done that, I don’t really know what is it all about. Moreover, informal mode of writing can use second or third person and colloquial words such as guy, kids, mate, buddy etc.

Academic Writing

When writing formally the expressions we use are different and are basically based on convincing others or educating others depending on the type of writing. Academic writing must adhere to the specified guidelines and instructions by professors or teachers. It must avoid the use of contractions as used in informal writing mode. For instance, instead of writing, can’t, shouldn’t, don’t or haven’t,  it uses full form such as cannot, should not, do not or have not. Moreover, formal writing such as academic or business writing must avoid the use of colloquial words such as guy, kids or buddy etc. It also must have an element of debatable issues or providing information as to educate others.

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