The movie “My Left Foot” was released in 1989 is a true story about a man, Christy Brown, who belongs to an Irish family and suffers from cerebral palsy, a debilitating disease causing limb movement problems. For the first ten years of Christy Brown’s life, his family members failed to recognize the disease and termed him as mentally retarded. His father, sister, and brother had no hope for his future as he was completely dependent on others. But his strong-willed mother never gave up and had hope in his son as he had the knack for painting from his left foot which was the only movable part of his body. In the latter part of his life, he meets a dedicated teacher who helps Christy Brown learn simple tasks and overcome emotional problems. With sheer will, determination and courage Christy Brown learns to handle the tough challenges of life and becomes a renowned poet, author, and a painter.

Helen Keller is another legendary personality who survived the atrocities of life while suffering from blindness and deafness throughout her life. With a little support and help she went on to become a great writer and never gave up. In one of the articles published in the Reader’s Digest Helen Keller described how she will spend her life if she can only have sight for three days.

With so many inspiring true stories around us we can learn a great deal from these courageous people and improve the quality of our life rather than dwell on the negativities and cause problems for ourselves. With these famous incidents we can never deny the fact that there is always hope. What is indeed important is to hang around in the tough situations and wait for a lightning in a dark tunnel.


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