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My intention as an entrepreneur is not to set up a new business but to improve and diversify the existing business that my family has been involved in for a long time.  I originally come from India and there. The family business is producing rubber and silicone products. There are two manufacturing units which are used to produce rubber mats and other silicone products and rubber mats.

These products have been very successful in the past and have been responsible for the success of the business. However as I have been observing the trends, it appears that due to recent technological innovations and shifting needs of the customers there is a greater need for polymer products, and not only are the polymer products much cheaper but also durable. There is a need to come up with innovative changes in the rubber and silicone industry to stay competitive. The idea is to keep on producing the successfully made products but changes the raw material, while at the same time introduce new products which are possible through the polymer technology.

Polymers have become an important and ever-present part of our lives: garments, automobile parts, boat hulls, racquets, aircraft structure, phone sets, personal computers, body prosthetics, and many other objects that are used daily without a thought are made mostly of polymers. This extensive use is a rewarding verification of the triumph of the polymer technology and product. And the most interesting thing about this technology is that it is forever evolving so one needs to keep on innovating and experimenting with new technology and new products.

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