Most of the graduate colleges require the thesis paper to be completed to fulfill their respective criterion. Once thesis paper is completed there is more to it than just submitting it to the professor. You may need to defend your thesis paper in front of the panel of professors in the form of a formal presentation. It is your chance to explain your thesis paper consisting of your research findings by answering questions from the panel of professors. This article will help you prepare for your final defense of the thesis paper. Read some useful guidelines below to prepare yourself for the defense.


The best way is to practice your thesis paper in front of your friends or family. Prepare yourself well beforehand by reading your thesis over and over. Make sure you have a sound command over your subject matter. If there are any loopholes overcome them. Your friends and family members can help you great deal overcome any shortcomings you may have will rehearsing your thesis paper in front of them.

Create Visual Aids

Summarize every chapter of your thesis paper. Explain any obstacles you may have faced while going through the entire process of writing the thesis paper. Visual aids are a great help to involve the audience and at the same time remind you of all the key points of your thesis paper. For instance, Microsoft PowerPoint is a great software to create visual aids where you can also include stats and figures your thesis paper may contain in the form of charts and tables.


Listen Carefully

Once you have presented your entire thesis the panel of professors may ask you questions from any point of your thesis paper. The best way is to listen to the question very carefully. Try to understand what is being asked. Usually, there is no time limit for the defense and your professors may take as long until they are satisfied.

Be Honest

If at any point you come across a question that you do not know just be honest and tell your professor that you do not know. But inform them that you will find the answer. Since you are facing highly skillful professionals they may know the answers but they are just testing your knowledge and grasp of the thesis topic.

Wait for the Results

Once you have completed the defense of your thesis paper you may need to go outside and wait for the results. Your professors will evaluate your performance of the thesis defense to make the decision. Once the evaluation is completed you may be asked to come back and then your overall performance will be presented to you. if you have made any mistakes you will be asked to make necessary changes in your thesis paper.

Waiting for the final result is the most difficult part of thesis defense as you get tensed and nervous as what may happen. The best way is to just relax and think positive about the final outcome.

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