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If English was declared as the official language, nobody’s private or business lives would be ruined. No day to day activity would be hampered if English was the official language. The use of English as the official language would only be used in order to conduct business in the government (S.I. Hayakawa).

Today in the United States of America, various societies exist with people belonging to various cultures. In every state and in every city, we can find a German-town, China-town and even Greek-town. America is therefore considered to be a multicultural society. Along with the existence of various cultures and societies, there are many languages spoken there as well. When people think about the language spoken in America, English is the language which comes to the minds of many as being the national language. The United States however does not have any language which is considered its national language.

There are more than 300 languages which people speak within the United States (Center of Immigration Studies). Immigration is something which has taken place in America for a long time and nothing can be done to change this. It is in fact the…

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