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The greatest fear and worst-case scenario for the death penalty is the execution of an innocent person.  If the killing a convicted murderer is bad enough already, then the killing an innocent person is unimaginable.  Koch writes that government cannot operate without the possibility of error.  He is right that the government is not perfect, but the criminal justice system has proven to be a failure many times. Governments must not put the lives of possibly innocent men and women on trial for death when they know that their system is fallible.  Even if one person were to be falsely accused and sentenced to death, that would still be one person too many.  Bringing out an innocent person from imprisonment can always be done, but bringing back an innocent person from death is impossible.  There is no excuse for the death of an innocent man.  We call this murder.

Killing is wrong, and more killing will not right it.  Capital punishment is emotional revenge for the victim’s family and friends.  But the act of revenge is one that our generation does not condone.  It merely sinks both parties to an equal level of inhumanity.  A line must be drawn.  Someone must step forward.  The government must prove that life is so valued that not even they have a right over who lives and who dies.  They will not be judged weak.  Perhaps they will be considered merciful at worst, but a country that lacks the death penalty is a civilized one.  They understand that other methods of punishment exist and are equal if not better.  Death is not the solution.  It does not affirm life and will never stop murderers.

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