Why Death Sentence?

Will you judge a criminal to be hanged to death if he has committed a heinous crime? Do you think the death sentence is morally right? Has death sentence solved issues related to criminal activities like rape, burglary, theft, and terrorism? Certainly not as such criminal activities still exist in every society and instead of decreasing they are only increasing. It is only the innocent that is taken into judicial custody and after being adjudged hanged or electrocuted while the ones who are guilty roam the streets without being punished. Sincerely speaking, how many rich and powerful men have been given the death penalty? Hardly handful and it is only the vulnerable and innocent people that become victims of something that they even have not committed. People change from time to time. What kind of persons we are right now we will not be the same ten years from now. So, someone has committed a murder at the age of twenty or more may not be the same person after several years and he may eventually realize that what he did was extremely wrong and shameful. Some people may not agree but death penalty does not solve the problems related to criminal activities but only increase it due to frustration. A death penalty can be regarded as revenge for the criminal or an act for the public safety. So the argument is if the death penalty is not morally a right thing to do than what it is in order to control the rising criminal incidents. Following are certain points that shall clarify what a criminal basically needs.


A criminal is not a criminal by birth he is made into one because of his surroundings and environment. He may be severely brainwashed by certain wrong elements in the society. A criminal needs sympathy. He should be treated in a humane way and something should be done to alter their patterns of thinking rather than killing them.


Criminals should be helped overcome their psychological problems that are more responsible for them being a criminal. They should be treated with love, care, and sympathy. If they are exposed to loving, caring and nurturing environment they will certainly change for good. They may turn out to be good artists or creative people who may contribute something valuable to the society and the nation.

You may agree or disagree but I personally condemn death sentence as it is against the moral values of a human being. Instead of killing the criminals they should be provided sufficient help to alter their thinking patterns by a professional psychologist. Whatever we do, whatever action we take is the result of our thinking so there is no reason if we change the way we think it can affect our lives and living patterns. Change the way a criminal thinks and it will change the way he lives.

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