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Death is as real as any phenomenon, I don’t know what the person actually experiencing death would say but it certainly is a universal truth and  no human can escape it. Many people deal with death as a reality. Death is a part of every person’s existence and everybody has to die, but at the same time death has been regarded with fear and loathing. Death in the past was more humane where individuals were regarded as humans performing the death rites was a way of dealing with the grief of loved ones, now though I feel that people try to distance themselves from the dead and as a result try to keep their involvement to the minimum this has not only made people more unfeeling but also more detached from reality.

Death brings about grief and pain but it also brings fear to those who have lost someone close to them. This is not a new phenomenon, this has been going on since ancient times and people have adopted different rituals to deal with this fear. This fear is universal and people of all ages have been frightened of death. However, the way people deal with death and parting has changed significantly.

These days people die in cold and impersonal hospitals away from the loved ones and their emotions are disregarded in favor of the medical aid which is thought to be the most important.

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