Cybercentric Branding:The Next Wave of Online Innovation

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A brand is a consumer belief about a company, product, or service that persuades action. Marketing and advertising ensure those beliefs constantly compel actions that generate profitable deeds. Beliefs can be fundamental and director more emotional is the world of branding, a world where trusted names count. In the US alone, it is an over $2 trillion dollar industry. The growing mainstream upheaval on the Internet has afforded a whole new way of losing customers or gaining them.

Every shape of contact that a company has with a customer is part of branding. Because the Web is a more user-driven experience and can freely be described as a hybrid medium print and broadcast, it poses some interesting branding challenges and prospects. It has the ability to deliver the company’s identity, products, service the whole shebang in the space of a few screens and within seconds. An organization’s Web site is where the whole experience comes together for the user. The number of consumers who make purchasing decisions online is growing exponentially, and the launch of so many free Internet service providers will only increase that expansion. This paper deals with the effect of cybercentrism on branding, its effect on the external environment like the market and the impact on strategies, plus the future trends in the competitive environment.

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