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The world of marketing has come a long way since the only maxim was “The customer is always right”. One of the most important new versions of that age-old wisdom is the model of “customer relationship management.” This paper examines that strategy and demonstrates that it is the most efficient one for companies to adapt because it is most successful in emphasizing (and responding to) the needs of the customer. This method marketing allows for various techniques to be used to learn more about the needs and behaviors of the company’s for the purpose of developing stronger relationships with those customers. The motto of this strategy might still be “The customer is always right” – but a more appropriate version might be something more like “Good customer relationships are the core of all long-term business success.” (Styler 2000).

One of the problems that businesses have always faced is that while many if not most are perfectly willing to try to accommodate their customers, managers and owners of businesses have often had only the slightest idea of what it is that customers want. They simply are not closely enough attuned to the market. There are a number of reasons for this lack of knowledge about the customer. In some cases, it may derive from simply failing to ask customers what exactly it is that they want, but usually the reasons are more complex than this.

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