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I am John Ruskin one of the leading critics and philosophers of my time the 19th century, what I observed and declared was taken as the truth in my time, especially in the case of art.  I was very vocal about the nature of art and the importance of imagination and expressing one’s feelings through art. Moreover, that it is not just an ornamental painting but has a meaning and depth to it and carries a message about the creator’s feelings and perception. Two movements Neoclassicism and expressionism were greatly popular in my time and here I am going to discuss both these movements and two paintings each from both the styles.


Neoclassicism was a creation of the ancient art form. It honored the classics of the Greeks and Romans who were famous for their modernization in democracy, philosophy, and engineering. This movement was closely linked to the rejection of the aristocratic influence.  The major characteristic of this style of painting was technical perfection and details, which I do not find very interesting as it is very cold and lifeless I think people with lesser talent and imagination, are the ones who paint portraits and still life. One of the major examples of neoclassical painters is the German painter Anton Raffael Mengs (1728-1729). He was very popular in his day and he employed the roman and stylistic techniques, which made his work formal, unexciting, and artificial. Soon after his death, his popularity started to decline.  I will be discussing his two paintings:

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