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At the moment, there seem to be an estimated 6 billion people living on our planet. By the year 2050, this number is expected to reach 9 billion. Imagine driving your car on a street packed with people or being stuck in a traffic jam all the time. Have you ever thought about 9 billion people living on the same planet all at once? I have thought about this phenomenon many times which is why I think that one of the biggest problems the world faces today is that of overpopulation. This has become one of the major crises which the people and government of the 21st century have to deal with. It has negative impacts on the living standards of people, on the environment and on the resources. The problem is not as to how many people are living in this world; the problem is how they are living. People from all races and status in society are affected by this dilemma. Due to this, it is the responsibility of us humans to do everything we can and preserve our Earth and the resources within it. The standard of living which many people follow is what causes the consumption of resources. Resources are used in excess which then leads to the production of waste and reduces the expectancy of every individual’s life. Industrial developments have led to people enjoying a sense of stability due to many jobs having been created in the communities where they live. An increase in wages has also led people to have more children and increase their families. The increase in wages has made them financially more stable. Statistics have shown that…

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