In dissertation writing or thesis paper sometimes students need to add much more details than just adding the point to point information. For this reason, APA format provides guidelines to add footnotes and reference page. APA also provides the instructions for headings for the purpose of dissertation writing where extensive research is conducted. References are important for the paper as it presents the overview of the citations. Here are some guidelines to help you in adding headings, footnotes and reference page in your research paper or term paper in an APA format.

  • Reference Page:

Once you have completed all the chapters and structure of your paper, the word References must be centered at the top on the last page of the assignment. Make sure that the references you have used for the text are arranged in an alphabetical order by the author’s last name or the name of the title. The references must be double-spaced. Only the first words of the sources are capitalized.

  • Headings:

APA format helps you in creating headings to develop a perfect outline. You can use headings up to five levels though it will become a bit tricky for you.  The letters must be an upper case or lower case and the text must be centered. Second level headings must be italic, at the left side of the paper and could be lower case and upper case both. The third level heading must be intended and must be in lower case.  Last two levels of heading are not recommended as it requires the formatting of the first three levels of headings.

  • Footnotes:

For the purpose of adding more details to the paper, you can use footnotes. APA format provides instructions regarding the footnotes. The footnotes could be detailed and could add more credibility to your paper. An overview of all the footnotes could be presented on the reference page.

By following these easy steps you can easily format your research or term paper in an APA format. These formatting guidelines will help you present your paper with an accurate presentation of sources.

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