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With a 1.3-GHz Celeron CPU and 128MB of PC133 RAM, the 300SE Special is not a source of power bit does help to get the job done anyone who needs assistance even medical students.  They are always needed to do research on different medical topics of today and the past. The CPU of this computer is enough to make paper research a lot quicker even though some might say it is not top of the line of computers.  Its achievement of 87 on our PC World Bench 4 benchmark is in close proximity to the substructure of the heap for Windows XP Home systems, which Gateway has tested in recent times, but is still appropriate for basic computing tasks and simple gaming.  This clears up the megahertz myth which means bigger does not mean bigger in this case alone.  And, that indicates medical students can have a great career by using the 300SE in their life.

Some people might be griping about the 845GL graphics, performance students will have miscellaneous feelings about the new 1.7GHz Celeron that powers the 300X since it not only has its clock speed but its up-to-date Socket 478 design and 400MHz front-side bus are considerable developments on the previously best-in-class Celeron/1.3’s antique Socket 370 and 100MHz bus. On some level, it received a CPU score of 3,943; memory score of 3,387; and hard disk score of 739.  The last a bit of a letdown for a 7,200-rpm drive was that.  In other tests, the Gateway gained up a strong overall score of 141, with 182 in Internet Content Creation well adjusted by 109 in Office Productivity, which could help medical students with their assignments and future career.

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