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Values, principles, and beliefs are the foundation on which the personality and the philosophy of a person are based.   However, before addressing my values and belief, I would first like to point out the root or the origin of those values. In my opinion, it is the parents or guardians, the people who raise a child are responsible for instilling values and making an ingraining in a child the basic philosophy that is a part of him or her for the time to come. If the base or the foundation of a person’s life is sound and secure, then there are greater chances of achieving success. To a lesser degree, exposure to other environments, peers, teachers and in some cases counselors can help a child or adult in a positive manner.

My case is no different, I was taught by my parents, humane values, environmental conscience, aesthetic sensitivity, a sense of physical and mental well being, the ability to establish interpersonal relationships, and sensitivity to others’ interests and feelings. I was always told to look out for others and to appreciate and care for other people’s feelings, as not hurt anyone deliberately. Moreover to be tolerant and forgiving and to always be optimistic no matter what the situation. On the whole to take the middle path: moderation, as that was the key to success in life.

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