Film Review

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The movie, “Corrina, Corrina,” is about a man named “Manny” and his daughter named “Molly” who suddenly lose their wife and mother whom they both loved and cared for so very much.  Both father and daughter react differently to their grief: Ray Liotta, who plays the father chooses to watch old home videos of the family, and the daughter, played by Tina Mojorino chooses to remain silent in order to suppress her hurt and pain after losing her mother.

Liota eventually hires a nanny for the child because his daughter refuses to speak to anyone. The first nanny the father hires doesn’t work out so the father hires another nanny. This new nanny is a black woman named Corrina (Whoopi Goldberg). In order to gain the child’s attention, Corrina does the strangest things. For example, when they are in the car together Corrina would blow wind from her mouth and pretend that she changed the stop light signal. On another occasion, when it is time for Molly to go to school, and when Molly refuses Corrina takes the child to her other jobs. Although the father begins to like Corrina. But some co-workers convince him to date a Caucasian lady.  The new relationship makes Corrina jealous and the father breaks it off with the Caucasian lady and makes things right with Corrina. Later on, the father finds out that Molly hasn’t been attending school. He is furious and ends up firing Corrina over this. After Corrina leaves Many notices that the child stops talking. He ultimately comes by Corrina’s house and they get back together. He apologizes and they reunite.

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