The Control of Weapons by the Government: Essay

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A regulated military is very vital for security to be present in a Free State. People should be given the right to keep and own arms and weapons and this is a right which will not be infringed (The United States Constitution Amendment 2).
Ever since civilizations have existed, weapons have been seen as a very important factor which determines the safety and survival of these civilizations. In modern society, there has been much debate on the topic of governments being involved in owning weapons and guns. In America, each individual has his/her basic right. With the government slowly restricting the common man from owning guns and weapons, the general public has begun to lose their right to defend themselves on their own.

The issue of owning guns has been one which societies have been dealing with since the mid-1900’s. It was in 1927 that the very first gun law was passed on a federal level which stated that the mailing of arms was not allowed if they could be hidden from view (Henderson). It was due to the 1933 incident of an attempted assassination of the newly elected president that the issue of gun control became an ever major issue which had to be dealt with. Due to the amount of coverage the media and press gave to this issue along with the feelings which were displayed by the public, the…

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