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The three and a half million people living in Darfur region geographically cut off and neglected by the central government in Khartoum have been negatively affected by conflict since the early 1980s. The relatively passive equilibrium between its ethnic groups has been shattered by environmental degradation the spread of the desert and the effects of the Sahel drought coupled with the divide-and-rule strategy of the central government and the influx of modern weaponry.

Practically all the people of Darfur are Muslim, ethnic identity has traditionally been fluid, with much intermarriage between ethnic groups, and key distinctions between ethnicities based more on language. Those for whom Arabic was the core language and those whose mother tongues are other languages such as Fur, Zaghawa etc. or profession –nomadic herders or sedentary agriculturalists or town-dwelling merchants. (O’Fahey  48)

The major ethnic groups are engaged in a struggle for political status and failing to undertake the underlying problems of equitable allocation of water and land. Meanwhile, outside contact to the region is now so tightly controlled that thorough information about the current plight of the native people is increasingly difficult to obtain.


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