Connection with Slavery at Ivy League School Brown University: Sample Essay

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America’s history is checkered from a colony to Independence and from there to Civil War and to present where it has the honor of being the World’s only superpower. Brown University, one of the oldest and most respected educational institutions in America, also has a historical connection to slavery which is both ironical and peculiar today. According to an article by Frances Fitzgerald: Peculiar Institutions—this university was founded by the Brown Family, who were slave traders in their time, and today this very university is headed by Ruth J. Simmons a descendent of slaves who were brought to this country through slave traders.

History, I believe, has come a full circle from the time when the Brown brothers founded the Rhode Island College in 1770 to when the first African American woman president of the Ivy League University took it upon herself and the university to investigate the historical roots of the University and its founders and Benefactors. The Browns were the most distinguished and well-to-do family to come out of Rhode Island and they were the ones who were to a large extent responsible for building the city of Providence. Although today there are a few Browns living in Providence the City is a testimony to their endeavors.

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