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This is a list of articles to be used for literature Review:

AyokoOluremi B,  HartelCharmine E J, Callan, Victor J. 2002. Resolving the puzzle of productive and destructive conflict in culturally heterogeneous workgroups: A communication accommodation theory approach. International Journal of Conflict Management.  

This study presents an investigation of the communicative behaviors and strategies employed in the motivation and management of productive and destructive conflict in ethnically heterogeneous workgroups. Using communication accommodation theory this paper asserts that the type and course of the conflict in culturally heterogeneous workgroups are impacted by the communicative behaviors and strategies employed by group members during communications. Results indicated that the more groups used dialogue management strategies, the more they experienced productive conflict.

BrewerNeil, MitchellPatricia, and  Weber, Nathan. 2002. Gender role, organizational status, and conflict management styles. International Journal of Conflict Management. 13(1);   78-95 .

This study evaluates how sex and gender roles affect conflict management behaviors. And how organizational status effects the management style. Upper organizational status individuals were keener on the integrating style, while lower status individuals’ display the greater use of avoiding and obliging styles.

ChenGuoquan and Tjosvold,  Dean. 2002. Conflict management and team effectiveness in China: The mediating role of justice Asia Pacific Journal of Management.   19(4);  557.

even though increasingly more relied upon, teams can be unproductive and exasperating.  Research suggests that conflict management play a role in team effectiveness but the value of disagreement and as it is conducted in China it has to do with a collectivist society.  However, collectivist values can make justice particularly important. This study investigates how conflict management can contribute to team effectiveness by developing justice.


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