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First Observation: Location, Date, and Time

The first observation was at a local playground where about ten Children were playing on the swings and slides. Six were boys between the ages of 3 and 5 and four were girls approximately the same age.  I observed these children at around five in the evening on Saturday 16th April 2005. The play was unstructured and there was no gendered division in preferences for either swings or the slides.

  • Temperament: a set of inborn behavior that organizes a child’s approach to the world.  They are helpful in the development of the child’s individual personality.  They also determine how the child goes about learning about the world around him. In the playground a little girl displayed a very shy personality, she refused to first let go of her mother’s hand and then was very reluctant to participate in the activities.
  • Conditional stimulus: term for the stimulus that has been conditioned to produce a response. When an ice cream van passed by the sound of its bells made a boy run to his granny.
  • Assimilate: new experiences and fitting them in with the old ones. When a boy pushed another the latter shoved him back as he assimilated that shoving would help him.
  • Frustration-aggression principle: has a dominant role in many social programs. Deprivations, inequalities, and exploitation are believed to frustrate the desires and lead to aggression. In the case of the children when one child could not climb the Jungle Gym after several tries he started to kick the gravel in frustration.

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