With the rapid innovations and inventions in technology specifically computers and the internet, there is a growing debate whether computers have helped people in education or not. Apparently, computers have numerous contributions in the academic world since the internet consists of everything related to education. But how the technology has improved the literacy among the youngsters and adults? This indeed is a debate since along with a number of benefits the internet has various negative aspects as well. Due to these aspects, the debate is still the main focus of discussion among people. This article provides some facts about the internet relevant to the contributions of the internet in the academic world. Keep reading to learn more.

Online Classes

The internet has made life much easier for those who can acquire online classes with affordable tuition fee per semester. What is required is a computer with an internet connection with the ability to use both. Off course, in order to access the internet one must know the basics of using computers such as typing, reading, and writing. In case of one is not educated enough to read and write voice operating software can be used to acquire basic literacy through online learning. But unfortunately, this software is not as successful.

Abbreviated Words

Chatting is indeed something full of fun and provides ample opportunities to socialize with people from many nations but chatting often uses abbreviated wordings that have made many students and other users of the internet prone to making spelling and grammar errors when using the language for official purposes. For instance, many students no more differentiate between formal and informal writing when writing letters and formal educational documents because of the increased use of abbreviated words on mobile phones and chatting websites.

Resume Writing

Many applicants applying for various jobs now opt for resume templates where the major fields related to name and address can be changed without making significant changes in fields related to work interests and hobbies. Many organizations now complain that resumes they now receive are identical.

With these growing concerns, one often suspects the contributions this amazing technology has made to the academic world.

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