Computers have become a fundamental part of our daily lives. When we boot or open a computer several programs run one after the other. But we never notice these small things going on in the background considering a whole computer machine and its array of software applications. What is a computer program basically? Can a computer run without a computer program? What is a need to develop complex computer programs? These are some of the questions that will be answered later in the article to tell educate you with the very basics of a computer. Keep reading the article to discover some amazing facts about computer programs.

Purpose of a Computer Program

A computer is basically a dumb machine and it does what is instructed to it by human beings. Human beings do not talk to computers one on one but rather they talk to them through programming languages that instruct a computer. The main purpose of a programming language is to translate the human codes or language into a machine-readable form that is 1s and 0s for the computer to understand. A programming language simply converts human instructions into a format which computers can understand and do as instructed. All the software and applications we use are basically composed of instructions programmed by humans that computers can understand.

Types of Computer Languages

There are numerous popular programming languages that are learned by students to become efficient computer programmers. Some of the most popular programming languages are C, C++, Assembly language, FORTRAN, COBOL, Python, and LISP.

Computer programming is a very daunting and complex procedure. It is quite similar to solving mathematical equations where you cannot afford even a single mistake. Similarly, computer programming too cannot be done unless you have a very logical and disciplined mindset. A single mistake in computer programming can result in errors.

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